Apple Remote Desktop Icon for OS X Leopard

ARD Icon updated for Leopard

For a few months now, I’ve been wondering when Cupertino is going to put out a new version of Apple Remote Dekstop (ARD).  Partly because I want new features, mostly because I’m tired of looking at the Aqua Blue desktop background on the application’s icon.

I was bored tonight and decided to take care of that last part myself.  I present to you, my second ever OS X icon, ARD Leopard!  I took the binoculars from the current ARD icon and combined them with Leopard’s desktop sidebar icon.  The imperfections of my horrible Photoshop skills are barely noticeable and I think it looks pretty good.  Feel free to download, and if you like and use it, please leave a comment.


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  1. Reply Matt

    Looks good, thanks for the icon and the tip on changing the user password through ARD – keep up the good work

    • Reply acletras

      You’re welcome Dan. I’ll hopefully be doing a new one in the next few days with the Snow Leopard default background image.

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