Use Image Capture to Share iPhone Pictures Through Web Browser

Image CaptureWhile digging around for a native solution to easily drag and drop pictures from my Mac directly to my iPhone, I stumbled upon the fact that Image Capture has the ability to share imaging devices connected to your Mac.

This would be useful for something like a small office setting with one scanner, which all users could access from their Macs rather than having to use the one machine the scanner is connected to.  This works for almost any imaging device, including the iPhone.

With your iPhone connected, launch Image Capture and select Devices>Browe Devices… from the menu bar.  Select your iPhone and click the Sharing… button at the bottom of the window.  Next, check the Share my devices and Enable Web Sharing boxes.  Provide a shared name, a password (optional) and click OK.  You’ll now notice a Shared checkbox for your iPhone.  Check it to share your phone.

Click Sharing.. once again.  You’ll now notice an IP address underneath the Web Sharing check box.  Open your web browser of choice and type in the IP address, including the port number (the numbers after the colon).  You are now browsing the pictures on your iPhone (and any other devices shared with Image Capture) through your web browswer!  Note, this is an internal IP address and will only work on your local network, but it’s a great way to share your pictures with others on your LAN.

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