Time Machine Vortex Icon

UPDATED: I went back and added the drop shadow and also lightened up the Vortex image to make it stand out a little better.

I got a little icon happy today and decided to merge the outer space image you see in Time Machine (called Vortex) with it’s default disk icon, to create the Time Machine Vortex icon.  I got a little lazy so there’s no drop shadow and the part of the Vortex image I used looks almost black, but I think it’s subtle enough without going overboard.

Replace the default OS X Time Machine disk icon with this one for some customized interface goodness, and as always, if you like the icon leave a comment and let me know.


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  1. Reply Jon

    I am planning on using this icon for an application in a little treasure hunt. Very cool!

  2. Reply sss4r

    thank you! looks awesome. looks great against a high-res hubble telescope image wallpaper. exactly what i was looking for. sweet!

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