USB Rechargeable Batteries

File this under “why didn’t I think of that?!” While reading the latest issue of Macworld, I cam across a company called moixa energy that just made Al Gore a little bit happier. Moixa makes rechargeable AA batteries that charge over USB. The kicker is, there’s no charger or dock required, simply flip the lid and plug it in. According to the website, the batteries obtain a 90% charge in 5 hours, and “charging for just a few minutes provides extra hours of instant use for most input devices.”

USB-Rechargeable Batteries

One of the biggest obstacles facing the widespread adoption of rechargeable batteries has probably been the need to get out the charging dock. With USB ports readily available these days, it makes perfect sense. A set of AA’s goes for about $20, and other size batteries, including cell phone and mobile devices are in the works.


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