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iPhone MMS: A Workaround

I only have a few gripes about the iPhone, and they’re the usual suspects.  Of all the ones that won’t be corrected next month (3G and Exchange support), the biggest for me is the lack of support for sending and recieving MMS messages. Until Apple adds this functionality, I’ve come up with a workaround.  It’s […]

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Apple Education Recycling Program

Our Lower School tech coordinator passed this link my way a few days ago, and it’s worth sharing.  If your school meets the requirements and has at least 25 monitors, CPUs and/or printers to dispose of, Apple will haul them away and recycle them in an environmentally responsible manner FOR FREE.   This is keeping […]

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Propagator – an OS X Admin’s Friend

UPDATE: Techspansion bit the dust, so for now, the beta of Propagator can be found here. Reading TUAW this morning, I found a new application called Audialhub from Techspansion, the makers of iSquint and Visualhub.  While browsing Techspansion’s website, I came across a free application called Propagator. Propagator provides a GUI for pushing out files […]

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