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Transfer local Active Directory User Folders to New Machine

sudo ditto –rsrc –acl path/to/old/machine/Users/ path/to/new/machine/Users/ That will do it. The Long Story: All my Macs are joined to Active Directory.  Most are common area machines (labs, kiosks, etc) but a few have one or a handful of regular users of those machines. I needed to upgrade them to new machines, and transfer their accounts […]

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Use The Terminal to Setup Apple Remote Desktop Computer Info #1

UPDATED: Since this writing, I’ve switched from Mike Bombich’s NetRestore, to DeployStudio.  DeployStudio offers the ability to populate all 4 computer info fields after restoring an image, as part of an imaging workflow.  I highly recommend DeployStudio for system imaging.  Occasionally, I still use the method outlined below to tweak these fields. Part of my […]

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Now Taking Suggestions

Since I’ve been getting a little bit of traffic here lately, I decided it was a good time to sign up for Skribit.  Skribit is a service that was born out of an Atlanta Startup Weekend a few years ago, and helps bloggers cure writer’s block by letting their readers suggest ideas for new posts and […]

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