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HearI know I’ve had a lot of iTunes related posts lately, so I’ll try and make this the last one for a while, or this might just turn into an iTunes blog.

I recently reinstalled my G4 Mac mini in my car.  I put it in last summer and ran into power issues a few months later (the dealership is responsible but I’m done arguing with them).  I replaced the battery with an Optima Yellow Top and all is well for now.

I’m using the excellent AMP front end software developed by Aychamo on the mp3car forums to control my in car entertainment.  The only downside to my particular carputer set up is that I tapped into the factory amp from Volkswagen to deliver sound from the computer to the speakers.  This isn’t a very powerful amp and needs some kind of signal processing to put out anything I consider decent (previously done by my JVC head unit,  and it sounded phenomenal, so I know the speakers can handle it).

iTunes has a built in equalizer which is pretty good, but iTunes isn’t very practical for using while driving.  I’ve been looking for an equalizer that works with all sound coming out of the computer and over a year of searching later, I’ve found it.

Hear by Joesoft is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It has an impressive list of audio tweaks.  Everything from your basic equalizer (sliders or curve) to several methods of emulating 3D surround.  It works great with AMP, so now I have to decide if I really want to bite the bullet and spend $50 on this software.

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    • Reply acletras

      You’re welcome. I’ve never heard of Jays but their website does make them sound pretty appealing. Personally, I’ve never found anything wrong with the standard Apple ear buds, but I’m sure once I try something else I’ll be hooked. Thanks for the tip and Merry Christmas.

  1. Reply Joel

    The link to download that app doesnt work any more. Do you have a copy of it?

  2. Reply acletras

    Joel, I updated the link for Hear, it should work fine now (assuming that’s the app you were talking about, and not AMP)

  3. Reply Trent Siddharta

    Kudos to you. I agree that this blog is a gift and seeing it’s my birthday today even better. Has never even occurred to me to stick a mac mini in my car either… what a moron! I’m off to buy Hear today and as an extra note you should try Ultimate Ears for headphones. I’ve had the same pair for years, with inbuilt subwoofers, and they are unbelievable. They’re in ear so you have total exterior blockout…amazing!
    Rock on!

  4. Reply Paul Fenlon

    @ Fredrik Bränström

    I completely agree. I have been looking for a system wide EQ for years. I guess I wasn’t trying hard enough 😛

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