iTunes CD Text

When did Apple slip this one in?

I’ve just noticed that as of at least version 7.6, iTunes now has the ability to burn CD-Text information to audio CDs.

Back in my days of using Roxio Easy CD Creator for Windows, this was a pretty slick feature. I was glad to find that Roxio’s Toast for OS X did this on the Mac as well, but who used that to regularly burn CDs?

It’s importance faded as people stopped burning so many CDs, and started using iPods. However, for those of us still using iTunes to occasionally burn audio CDs, it’s nice to have the song’s meta data displayed on a home theater or car stereo LCD.

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  1. Reply Bigpoppa

    Wow, its been in there for at least a couple of years…I use it all the time!

  2. Reply acletras

    Man, all this time and i never knew. Since I think I solved the power issues I was having with my Mac mini carputer, it’s back to having my entire library available in the car, so I won’t be using this too often. Still great for making mix cds or burning backup copies of full albums!

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